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Sommet Finance here we focus on customer satisfaction as much as possible. Quality of work is what we provide. Experience it yourself. We can provide assistance in all types of financial problems. We could help you out if you don’t have money by availing you any type of Loan. and we could help you out if you have money by consulting you where to invest in Shares, Mutual Funds, etc. And also if your in need of any kind of Compliances related to CA & CS. ITR, GST, and other Compliances. That’s the reason we at Sommet Finance believe in “Support for All”.

Since Sommet Finance already has strong relationships with premier Banks and Financial Institutions, you can do Business loan interest rates comparison through our easy to use Business loan comparison tool. Go ahead & compare the Business loan available from different banks to see which one suits you the best.

Here are a few reasons to use Sommet Finance to connect with Business loan providers: –

  • A huge selection of top Business loan service providers in Mumbai.
  • Connect instantly with Business loan service providers.
  • Service quotes from various Business loan providers before choosing one that suits your requirements the best.
  • Avail the best deals within your budget with minimal effort How can Sommet Finance help?
  • Sommet Finance helps you by doing away with the need to locating the right technician to address your problem.
  • Our service partners must adhere to certain standards of quality and punctuality.
  • With Sommet Finance, fulfil any and every urgent or day to day need, easily and conveniently.

Business Loan Documents

Business Loan Eligibility Criteria

  • Last 2 or 3 years business financials.
  • Years in business and current level of business activity.
  • Most banks will disburse business loans to individuals aged between 24 to 65 years.
  • Nature of the industry the business operates in and how that industry has fared in recent times
  • City of Business& Current obligations (Any existing EMI’s being paid , credit card outstanding & Credit limit available )
  • Your Financial history & track record including CIBIL scores if available


  • Loan with simple documentation, quick processing and disbursal.
  • Enjoy the convenience of doorstep service
  • Get the best in market interest rate for your personal loan
  • You need not worry about collaterals or guarantors
  • Try out the ‘Balance Transfer Option’ to get rid of high Interest current EMI’s and get slash up to 2% on interest rates on your current loan.


  • Application form with passport-sized photographs.
  • Identity Proof.
  • Address Proof.
  • KYC documents.
  • ITR returns for two years.
  • P/L statement and balance sheet for two years.
  • 6-month bank certified bank statement.
  • Ownership documents.
  • Proof of business loan documents issued by statutory authorities.